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1. Main and Special Nominations

The goal of the contest "TOP-5 AUTO" is to identify the best cars in the calendar year in five main nominations:

  • Compact city car (segments A - mini, B - small, C - medium, M - multi - purpose according to Euro Car Segment classification, segments passenger car, MPV according to Euro NCAP classification)
  • Large and executive city car (segments D - large, E - executive, F - luxury, M - multi-purpose according to Euro Car Segment classification, segment passenger car according to Euro NCAP classification)
  • Compact crossover / SUV and off-road vehicle (segment J - sport utility car according to Euro Car Segment classification, segment off-roader according to Euro NCAP classification)
  • Large crossover / SUV and off-road vehicle (segment J - sport utility car according to Euro Car Segment classification, segment off-roader according to Euro NCAP classification)
  • Sports car / coupe / roadster / cabriolet (segment S - sport according to Euro Car Segment classification, segments passenger car, rosadster according to Euro NCAP classification)

In the special nomination:

  • Light commercial vehicle / pick-up (segment LCV, cars with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, used primarily for commercial purposes, segment pick-up according to Euro NCAP classification)

Also the goal of the contest is to identify persons who have had the greatest influence on the development of automobile business in the Russian Federation during a calender year, and the most effective PR-departments of car manufacturers in special nominations:

  • Auto-person of the Year - for outstanding achievements in the field of automotive business in Russia.
  • The best PR department of the automaker - for expertise and effective communication.

2. Criteria for the selection of candidates for nominees

In the main categories, as well as in the special nomination "Light commercial vehicle / pick-up", any new model of the car that has a Russian OTTD certificate (vehicle type approval) can become a candidate for nominees, regardless of the country of origin, which official sales in Russia started during the calendar year (12 months), i.e. in the period from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of the reporting year.

Absolutely new model for the Russian market or an existing model that has undergone significant changes in design, significantly affecting its consumer qualities is considered to be a "new" model. Typically, this is one deep restyling during the lifecycle of the model. Vehicles that have undergone only "cosmetic" changes due to the onset of the new model year are not participating in the contest. The addition of a new power unit (engine) or gearbox to the lineup is also not taken into account when selecting candidates for nominees.

Varieties of the body such as coupe / convertible / roadster / cabriolet on the basis of one model are considered as the same model of the car. The exception to this rule is the 4-door coupes (for example, Mercedes-Benz CLS, Volkswagen Passat CC, BMW 6-Series or 4-Series Gran Coupé), which fall into the category "Large and executive city car" and are considered as independent models.

In order to facilitate the selection process for nominees, the evaluation of candidates for nominees by jury members takes place in electronic form. The Organizing Committee sends to the jury members a document in Excel format, in which the jury evaluates candidates for nominees in each category on a ten-point scale by the following criteria:

Sample template for evaluation of candidates for nominees:

List of candidate models for the nominees for the "TOP-5 AUTO" award.


List of candidates for the nominees for the category "The best PR department of the automaker" of "TOP-5 AUTO" award.


Members of the jury evaluate only models familiar to them after test-drives and PR departments, with whom they had to work during the reporting year. During the data processing by the organizing committee, the average score for each candidate for the nominees is calculated. That means the total number of points collected by a candidate is divided by the number of judges who evaluated it.

Five candidates in each category with the best average scores become nominees.

In case two or more models of the same brand in the same category gain a passing average score for getting into nominees, a model with a higher average score is given preference among products of the same brand. It becomes a nominee. The presence among the nominees of two or more models of the same brand is not allowed, except when there are no other candidates.

In other disputable cases, the chairman of the jury decides on the confirmation of the candidate. When the chairman of the jury is implementing the selection of candidate models for nominees from those obtained the same number of points, factors such as technological innovations, significance of the model for the Russian automotive market, as well as the car's value for money for a consumer should be key ones to base decision upon.

In case a model absolutely new to the market and the existing significantly upgraded one get an equal number of points in the qualifying round, a new model is given priority in the selection of nominees. In the event of disputes, a meeting of the jury members is appointed, in the course of which a decision is made collegially, which is approved by the chairman of the jury.

In the special nomination "The best PR department of the automaker", the evaluation of candidates takes place in two stages. The first stage is conducted with the participation of the Interfax news agency. Until the 31st of December, each PR department sends three press-releases to the organizing committee of the award on the following topics:
- "New model"
- "Business news"
- "Social project".

All press-releases are sent to the Interfax news agency, where, through the SCAN's media monitoring system, a dynamic estimation of presence of candidates in the information field is conducted. Based on the data received, a shortlist of five finalists, whose press-releases are the most effective will be formed.

In the second stage, jury members determine the winner among the finalists, based on the criteria approved by the rules and presented in the example of the evaluation form.

In the special nomination "Auto-person of the Year" nominees are selected based on the data of media monitoring conducted by Mediascope (TNS) on key persons in the Russian automotive business, motor sports and industry media. The heads of Russian automakers, heads of representative offices of international automobile companies in Russia, top managers of the largest dealer networks, public organizations, officials, publishers and chief editors of major industry media, racing drivers who have achieved notable results in national and international competitions participate in the monitoring. When processing media monitoring data, the number of mentions and tonality of publications are taken into account. The five best candidates according to media monitoring become nominees.

3. The main stages of the contest and the principles of voting

By the end of October of the reporting year, the organizing committee of the award makes a long-list of candidates for nominees in accordance with the criteria set out in paragraph 2 of these rules and regulations, and distributes tables for evaluating candidates for nominees to all members of the jury. In accordance with the approved criteria for the evaluation of candidates for nominees (see paragraph 2), the jury assesses the candidates by the end of January following the reporting year and sends the completed evaluation tables to the organizing committee.

Within two weeks after receiving all the evaluation tables, the organizing committee processes the results, checks the data with the chairman of the jury and by the end of February announces a list of five finalists (short-list of nominees) in all categories. Nominees in the category "Auto-person of the Year" are determined on the basis of data from the media monitoring provided by Mediascope (TNS) (see paragraph 2).

During the procedure of the announcement of nominees or immediately after it, the organizing committee passes printed ballots for voting to all jury members. The ballots include five nominees in each of the approved categories of the award.

Members of the jury vote until the end of April, putting a mark in the ballots, for the best nominee in their opinion. Voting for two or more nominees is not allowed. The absence of the mark in the ballot is classified by the organizing committee as voting against all nominees.

By the end of April electronic copies (scans) of the filled and signed ballots are sent by jury members directly to the indicated e-mail addresses of employees of the authorized audit company, which is engaged in counting votes and certifying ballots. The originals of the completed ballots are also sent in special envelopes directly to the authorized audit company until the awarding ceremony is held.

Sample of the voting ballot:




In the event of disputes, a meeting of the jury members is appointed, in the course of which a decision is made collegially, which is approved by the chairman of the jury.

The results of the voting are publicly announced at the final awarding ceremony, which takes place in the second half of May.

Soon after the end of the final ceremony the scans of the completed ballots of all the jury members are published on the award website.

4. Jury

The jury members are invited to participate in the contest on the basis of their professional competence, reputation, recommendations from colleagues, managers of PR-departments of automotive manufacturers and influence of the mass-media that they represent. Annually each member of the jury needs to confirm that the testing of cars is an important part of his professional activity by providing the organizing committee with reports on tests of current models in the form of links to publications on Internet, electronic versions (scans) of publications in print media, podcasts, video reports. Each jury member must be as objective as possible in assessing the products, during voting especially take into account factors such as the significance of a product for the Russian automotive market and the development of the automobile industry as a whole, technical innovations and the ratio of the product's value and of the benefits that the consumer receives.

A jury member may be expelled from the jury for the following reasons:

1. Own decision on leaving the jury;

2. Refusal to participate in the qualifying round and the final voting;

3. Change in sphere of activity.

The chairman of the jury of "TOP-5 AUTO" award is selected for a period of two years. Elections of the chairman of the jury are held by voting of the jury members after the presentation of all candidates by the organizing committee. Any member of the jury can nominate himself for the role of chairman by nominating his own candidacy, or at the suggestion of an initiative group.

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